The Cribbar Cuff

Cribbar Cuff Extra Heavy Solid Silver Torque Bangle, Handmade with London Hallmarks. 6mm Wide with Solid Silver Balls

The Cribbar Cuff Solid Silver Torque Bangle is an impressively heavy, beautifully handcrafted piece of statement jewellery that holds a similar power, strength and beauty as the Cribbar wave of which it is named after! the waves are created by the Cribbar Reef, which is found almost 500m off of the shore in Newquay, close to Fistral Beach. The waves can reach over 30 feet in size! The first person ever to be recorded to surf the Cribbar was Ric Friar in 1966. The youngest person to date to take on the Cribbar wave was Kamron Matthews, who was 15 years old in 2016.

The Cribbar is known to be one of Cornwall’s most infamous and well-known waves due to its unpredictability and rarity as it only occurs a couple of times a year! The Cribbar became even more well known when the surfer,  Chris Bertish surfed the wave in December 2003. The easterly wind from offshore helps create the Cribbar wave. Surfers from all over the world attempt to take on the Cribbar; however, due to its spontaneity and rareness, it is never guaranteed.

The Cribbar Cuff is typically created in a stunning oxidised satin finish that enhances the beauty of the hand hammering, which looks remarkably similar to the enchanting patterns of the ocean.