Product Care

Jewellery by its nature is precious and good care should be taken both while wearing and storing your precious jewellery. Avoid bashing, dropping, or scratching your jewellery and avoid wearing it while doing manual jobs where it may get easily damaged. Store your jewellery in a jewellery box to protect it when it is not being worn. If you keep your jewellery in a jewellery box, to prevent causing any minor damage, separate from other items of jewellery.

Daily wearing can dull precious metals. Soaps and dust etc can cloud the sparkle of gemstones.

Precious metals are relatively soft.  If your jewellery encounters harder metals, stone or concrete etc, it is likely to scratch and wear.


Why does Silver Jewellery tarnish?  

Both the wearing and storing of jewellery can affect how tarnishing can happen.

Firstly, do not panic, there is nothing to worry about and there is nothing wrong with the silver. It will be a reaction to a chemical that has come in contact the silver. Some cosmetics, perfumes, or moisturisers or can discolour or tarnish silver.

Chlorines in swimming pools, salt water, and bleaches can also tarnish silver and even damage jewellery, so it is advised to remove your jewellery first.

Best practice is to always remove your jewellery when using or applying these products, when exercising and to put your jewellery on last when once dressed.

It is recommended to use a Jewellery Polishing cloth to keep your jewellery’s shine. If your jewellery needs a clean, wash your jewellery in warm soapy water, using your fingers or a soft brush. Once it is dry, use the Jewellery Polishing cloth to shine.

Jewellery such as chains can be occasionally cleaned with a jewellery dip for gold and platinum, and use a silver dip for sterling silver.