Zennor is a beautiful small coastal village located on the southwest of St. Ives. Zennor is well known for a variety of reasons, but it is most famous for the Cornish folk tale of the Mermaid of Zennor. This legend was commemorated as a carved mermaid chair within St. Senara’s Church, which has become a popular tourist attraction.

Zennor is also home to a large variety of stunning wildlife of both flora and fauna. There are around 48 different species of bird that inhabit Zennor throughout the year, such as the Nightjar (Caprimulgidae sp.) which is a small, uncommon, nocturnal bird that visits in the summer.

The stonechat is an insectivore bird that can be found within Zennor all year round and can be found around the coast and moorland. A more common yet still very striking seabird that inhabits the coastline of Zennor is the Gannet (Morus bassanus).

The mammals that can be found at Zennor are quite typical for the southwest and are often quite elusive and shy such as weasels, pipistrelle bats, shrews and stoats. However, the most significant mammal that inhabits Zennor and its water is the Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus). The scientific name for grey seal translates as ‘hooknose sea-pig’. Grey seals can usually be found in the turquoise ocean or relaxing out of the water either on the shore or a rock. Seals leave the water to rest, digest, and thermoregulate, which makes their rest extremely important.

The solid silver Zennor bangle collection is inspired by the outstanding beauty that is captured by Zennor and its incredible landscape and natural stone. The name was first decided and discussed as I was walking with my family on the coast path from St. Ives to Zennor due to the magical aura of the area. The walk was surprisingly challenging with large granite boulders that had to be climbed over, narrow paths and steep hills. However, the scenery and wildlife made the walk all the more rewarding as we often stopped to admire the sapphire blue waters of the ocean and even saw some grey seals!

Whenever I handmake a Zennor bangle, I am always reminded of the wonderful adventures I have experienced there. And by selling Zennor bangles, I am able to share my work and passion for silversmithing, and the charming Cornish coast.