Kerensa Jewellery

The Eden 5 Solid Silver Interlocking Bracelet 2 x 5mm wide

Introducing Kerensa Jewellery Exciting news! I have officially changed my brand name from Piere Jewellery to Kerensa Jewellery. Kerensa is the Cornish word for Love, and that is precisely what my jewellery is about. I design and craft all my jewellery to the highest possible standard, using traditional jewellery-making skills.   I am thrilled to […]


Truro Cathedral with Blue Sky

Truro: A Glimpse into Its Rich History, Vibrant Present, and Exciting Events Welcome to Truro, a charming town that beautifully blends the past and present. Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, England, Truro invites visitors to explore its captivating history, experience its thriving present-day culture, and immerse themselves in an array of exciting events taking […]


Falmouth Falmouth is a gorgeous and busy town located on the south coast of Cornwall. In 2016, Falmouth was awarded the accolade of GB High Street Best Coastal Community. There are many beautiful beaches surrounding Falmouth, all in walking distance! Gyllyngvase beach is the most popular and well known of the beaches due to its […]

The Cribbar Cuff

Cribbar Cuff Extra Heavy Solid Silver Torque Bangle, Handmade with London Hallmarks. 6mm Wide with Solid Silver Balls

The Cribbar Cuff The Cribbar Cuff Solid Silver Torque Bangle is an impressively heavy, beautifully handcrafted piece of statement jewellery that holds a similar power, strength and beauty as the Cribbar wave of which it is named after! the waves are created by the Cribbar Reef, which is found almost 500m off of the shore […]


Newlyn 4 Solid Silver Handmade Bangle- London Hallmarked. 4mm Square

Newlyn The Newlyn collection is named after the beautiful fishing town located just next to Penzance. The town is famous for its history in its fishing community and for possessing the largest fishing fleets in the UK. The Newlyn Harbour takes up over 40 acres with a wide variety of different fishing vessels utilising the […]


Zennor Solid Silver Bangle

Zennor Zennor is a beautiful small coastal village located on the southwest of St. Ives. Zennor is well known for a variety of reasons, but it is most famous for the Cornish folk tale of the Mermaid of Zennor. This legend was commemorated as a carved mermaid chair within St. Senara’s Church, which has become […]

Piere’s Blog

Eden 6 Hammered solid silver bangle With Packaging

Welcome To My New Blog! My name is Piere, I design and craft all of my jewellery from my workshop In Cornwall, based in a beautiful rural village between Truro and Falmouth. I strive for perfection and to handmake only the finest jewellery using a range of the world’s most precious metals and stones. My […]